Our Markets


Commercial Lighting and Solar Solutions

GLB Enterprises LLC is proud to offer modern and innovative networking and power generation solutions to it's customers.  In today’s connected world with the Internet of Things (IoT) a location can become an integrated, secure and protected network controlled from any local or mobile device.  Today’s solutions have the capability to provide not only a Local Area Network (LAN), but devices connected to that LAN/WAN.  Examples now include:  LED Lighting, HVAC Controls (NEST Thermostats), Security Systems (Doors, Windows, Video Surveillance).  Solar Powered Street, Parking Area and Campus Solutions that charge handheld items via USB Ports, provide safety emergency response, store energy in batteries for evening power loads.  Finally, in most states the owner can receive Utility rebates, save energy that is used during peak load periods and reduce grid reliance.

Commercial Planning and Data Analysis Solutions

GLB Enterprises LLC is honored to partner with an industry leading Solar Planning and Operations Company, ENACT Systems.  Their tools enable Commercial Customers the opportunity to visualize the Energy Savings that can be generated by Installation of Solar Panel Solutions.

All we need is your last 3 Utility Statements to determine average Kw usage.  We need about 30 minutes to work up your plan, show Return on Investment (ROI) and develop an offer for Solar Panel Installation.  In our proposal, we will show you authorized local Solar System Installers and can select as many as you like to submit bids.  Finally, we can offer you a connection to Financing institutions that are in the business of commercial loans paid through the Savings of your Energy.


We provide our complete range of LED Lighting and Solar Powered Street, Parking and Area Lighting Solutions to the US Government through direct contract, sales and distribution partner channels.  Contact us for more information on ClearWorld Solar Powered Products and Services for Off Grid Power solutions.  We are proud to be a recognized Manufacturers Representative for ClearWorld and it's Solar Powered Products and Services.