We reduce energy costs by delivering innovative solutions to our regional, commercial and government clients.  A summary of our services is provided below. 


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Lighting Solutions 
Don't pay more for lighting.  We provide:
  • Discount prices on LED, Fluorescent, CFL, HPS, HID and Lighting

  • Cost Assessment Tools

  • Building Design and Pricing

  • Full Delivery and Warrantee

  • Indoor and Outdoor Fixtures

  • Lighting Controls Solutions


Solar Solutions


Integrate solar into your environment and pay less. Our services include:

  • Solar Planning and Operations

  • Solar Assessment and Analysis

  • Deployment Management

  • Price/Value Optimization
  • Solar Powered Street, Parking, Area, Campus, Neighborhood Lighting Solutions
Energy Analysis & Optimization


Understand how you're expending energy then optimize your usage.  We provide:

  • Comprehensive energy metering

  • Dashboard reporting for all devices

  • Optimization action plans that drive cost reductions

Video Tutorials 
How GLB & ENACT's Solar Platform Help You!

GLB & ENACT's end-to-end business platform accelerates deployment, financing and operations for distributed solar project developers, distributors and installers.  ENACT’s platform also provides marketplace and analytics services for a range of stakeholders.

See Solar Powered Street & Campus Lighting in Action.

GLB & ClearWorld solutions bring innovation and cost savings to cities throughout America.

Lighting the Streets of Miami with Solar Poles

Solar poles in Miami are making a difference.  See the video that shows how its done....